6 Reasons for Why Businesses should Advertise
on Commercial Radio

Radio Advertising

In the world dominated by media, radio used to be king. Then, TV came along. Now, with the advent of New Media, people are more reliant on social media and online news sources for any information that they need to consume.

And, as the Internet has grown to become more ubiquitous, businesses are now shifting away from traditional commercial radio advertisements, and turn to social media and online ads to capture new customers.


But is advertising on commercial radio really a thing of the past?

Not so. As radio evolves to include online streaming, it has become an even more viable business solution. Why advertise on commercial radio? The following are six reasons for businesses to take advantage promoting on commercial radio.

Radio advertising is affordable
Compared with other traditional advertising such as print and television, radio advertising is still much more affordable. With radio advertising, production cost is relatively lower, because all you need is to rent a sound booth for a few hours to come up with a decent voice over, which will later on be overlaid with sound effects and some music. In addition, with radio ads, reaching the same number of people through print or television ad will cost you relatively far less.

Radio ads are highly targeted
Radio advertising offers you a wide range of offerings. This allows you to effectively focus your advertising message to highly targeted groups. Some radio stations advertise to groups of audiences, while some focus on advertising to niche groups such sports fans, news enthusiasts, teenagers, college students, those in the academic and music fans. Running ads on smaller radio stations could be more costly per listener, although you will have a greater chance of hitting your target audience.

Radio is everywhere
According to industry experts, the only mass medium that people use even when doing all kinds of stuff such as doing the laundry, while driving and while running is radio. That’s opposed to TV which requires people to be glued right in front of it just to get their full attention. As for online and print ads, people will need to have a computer or a magazine right in front of them to be able to get the ad’s message. Not so with radio, you can multi-task while listening to the ads.

It’s also interesting to note how radio has evolved to become an online medium. People using the Internet these days can tune in to their favorite radio station via online streaming services. Indeed, radio has become ubiquitous, making it a more powerful advertising medium.

Because radio is everywhere, about 90 percent of the population listens to radio. Could be more.

Radio ads reach your audience more frequently
It takes several repetitions for an ad to work. A person may need to see or hear an ad about four times before you can get them to take action. With radio advertising, you can reach your target audience more often, and it costs much less than other forms of advertising.

Sound is more powerful
Sound can be much more easily committed to memory than written words. Sound conveys emotions more, and it paints a better picture of your product in the minds of your audience.

There you have it, some very compelling reasons to advertise on commercial radio. Call Tim Flint on  (07) 5665 6600 to find out more about commercial radio advertising in the Gold Coast, Brisbane or Regional Queensland.

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